Festa Colletta

With every harvest comes a feast: Festa Colletta! A mobile show full of live music, circus and vitamins.



Our performances can also be played in this beautiful circus theatre tent.

Orkest Bazar

A circus act with three musicians or is it three circus performers playing music ? a funny circus act where interaction with the audience is always the main focus.

The Balls of Balltazar

Circus spectacle about 2 motivated gypsies full of music, acrobatics and juggling.


15/04/2023/ CC Ter Dilft, Bornem/Orkest Bazar

07/05/2023/ Rommelmarktfeest, Valaar Wilrijk/Festa Colletta

13/05/2023/ CC de kimpel Bilzen /Festa Colletta

14/05/2023/ Merksem openluchtfestival /Orkest Bazar

18/05/2023/ Ath Sortilèges /Orkest Bazar

19 - 21/05/2023/Hoogte 80 festival, Arnhem (NL)/ Festa Colletta

28/05/2023/ Lokeren parktheaterfestival /Orkest Bazar

29/05/2023/ Staden, schone schaapjes/Festa Colletta

11/06/2023/ CC Palethe, Pelt/Orkest Bazar

03/07/2023/ tour in de wijken, Beveren/Orkest Bazar

04/07/2023/ tour in de wijken, Beveren/Orkest Bazar

05/07/2023/ tour in de wijken, Beveren/Orkest Bazar

06/07/2023/ tour in de wijken, Beveren/Orkest Bazar

09/07/2023/Houthalen Lachfestival /Orkest Bazar

22 - 30/07/2023/ Libori Kunstlër Paderborn (D) /Orkest Bazar

10/09/2023/CC Palethe, Pelt/Festa Colletta

16/09/2023/ Linkeroever nazomermarkt /Festa Colletta

30/10/2023/ Jaarmarkt, Willebroek/Festa Colletta


Cie Balltazar

Cie Balltazar has been performing a mix of circus, live music and plenty of humour since 2009, always with a boldly unique approach.

Hans Vanwynsberghe

Juggler, acrobat and clown. Circus teacher in several circus studios in Flanders, already performed and taught in more than 15 countries.

Known from: Shake that, Las Bobinas

Jef Scheepers

Musician and clown at heart, writes and plays music for circus and street theatre.

Known from: Moustash, Cabaretti Orchestra

Thomas De Caestecker

In Orkest Bazar, he provides the most spectacular acrobatics, juggles, climbs on the highest roofs and plays the sax on top of that.

Known from: Be Flat

Lumineiro Salve Salve

Lumineiro from Brazil is interested in "advanced human technology". He is devoted to juggling and music.

Known from: Lumineiro

Davide Salodini

Our Italian acrobat goes full throttle for the musical clown in Festa Colletta.

Known from: Circrodini

Mehdi Delanoeije

An avid practitioner of capoeira, the jump to acrobatics and circus was quickly made, a full member of Cie Balltazar since 2021.

Known from: Be Flat

Walter Almada

This Argentine juggler and acrobat brings strong added value to Orchestra Bazar since 2022.

Known from: Walter Cirkea