Company Balltazar

Company Balltazar has been created in 2003 by Hans for his onemanshow 'BonBon'. Hans worked one year by himself on 'The Balls of Balltazar' until double bass player Jef Scheepers joined the company in 2009. Hans and Jef had already worked together in the circus shows 'Ma Nisjtana' and 'Raberber' Since autumn 2009 company Balltazar has been working under the direction of Micheline Vandepoel. In 2014 Thomas Decaestecker (Key) joined the company tocreate a new show: 'Orkest Bazar'; a moving, musical circus act.

Hans Vanwynsberghe

Professional juggler and acrobat in several disciplines such as balls, clubs, slack rope, ladder and teeter board. Writer of the juggling encyclopedea and video "Addicted to juggling" Known as a member of Shake That.

Jef Scheepers

The dirtiest multi-instrumentalist in Belgium plays in theatres, street theatre, several jazz combos and symphony orchestras. Also plays in Cabaret Bicyclet,   and Aurora Tornalis

Thomas Decaestecker

His first love was free running, and from there it was only a small leap to circus and street theatre. In OrkestBazar he does the spectacular acrobatics, balance on rolla bolla, juggling sax and trumpet. Also plays in "Ludo and Arsene" an acrobatic duo.